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G5RV-LITE G5RV Ultra Mini

G5RV-LITE G5RV Ultra Mini

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The G5RV Ultra Mini 20-6m is one of the best portable G5RV products on the market today.

It is lightweight and constructed to last a very long time outside in the elements.

The total length of the antenna is 26 feet - just 13 feet per leg. The ladderline section of the antenna is just 8 feet. Mount the Apex of this antenna 8ft or higher!

These short dimensions make this antenna easy to mount in backyards, off RVs, field day camps and in just about any portable situation. Mount it flat top, mount it as an inverted V, mount it in an attic - this antenna will prove to be very versatile and a useful part of most ham installations. The venerable G5RV is widely respected for possessing both vertical and horizontal polarization giving it low angle opportunities for good DX QSOs.

Feed this antenna with any 50 ohm coax in any length for optimum performance.

SWR will easily tune to 1.3:1 or less on 20-6m with the help of an internal or external antenna tuner. Feed


Rated to Full Legal Limit 2KW
Rugged Weather Proofed Internal Solder Joints
Machine Crimping of Insulator Connections
Silver Plated w/Teflon SO-239 Female UHF Connector
SO-239 Stainless Screws
Black Jacketed #14 Quality Wire
Quality 450 Ohm Ladder Line
100% UV Stable Components
High Quality PVC Dogbone Insulator
Poured Epoxy (Hard) Joints

Includes 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty Against All Defects & Component Failures.
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