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Amateur Radio Supplies LLC
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Founded in 2012, we count customers from 65 countries around the world. We've shipped 300,000 items to more than 45,000 radio amateurs around the world - making us the undisputed leader in wire and coax in the amateur supply market. Try us!


We strive to provide quality equipment, accessories and station resources to the amateur radio community. With over 30 years of combined experience in the ham community, we hope to be your trusted partner for years to come.

We ship most products via USPS Priority Mail. We also offer UPS shipping and Fedex Ground. We ship globally at fixed flat rates.

Our returns policy is very liberal. Buy with confidence knowing, in the true spirit of ham radio, we will work with you to get the product you do want and return anything not meeting your expectations.


Sales Inquiries email: sales@amateurradiosupplies.com;

When you email us please include your order number and name

Phone: 603-787-2500 ** Please note our business operates between the hours of 8:30-4:30, and we do not have a voice mail system.

Amateur Radio Supplies, LLC
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