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BOOK-8029 GROL - Radar License Guide

BOOK-8029 GROL - Radar License Guide

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GROL+RADAR is the study manual for the new 2009 FCC Commercial Radio Operator / Maintainer License examinations that are mandatory for exams on and after 12/26/2009. GROL+RADAR covers Element 1, Marine Radio Operator Permit (MROP); Element 3, General Radio Telephone Operator License (GROL); and Element 8, Ship RADAR Endorsement. The book is fully illustrated and contains the exact questions and answer choices from the official FCC question pools. Author Gordon West provides an educational answer explanation for each question, telling the reader which answer is correct and discussing why it is correct. The book also includes a searchable CD-ROM containing the entire FCC Telecommunications Rules for Parts 2, 13, 23, 73, 80 and 87. GROL+RADAR also is available with study software that allows the student to take practice examinations on their PC. A new feature of the software includes the answer explanations from the book. If the student answers the question wrong on the software, the correct answer appears along with the Gordon West explanation to reinforce learning. See ISBN 9780945053613 for the book and software package.

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