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BOOK-16053 Your First Amateur Radio HF Station

BOOK-16053 Your First Amateur Radio HF Station

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Your First Amateur Radio HF Station
From Antennas to Amplifiers Everything You Need to Know

This book is the ideal guidebook for the radio amateur looking for practical instruction in setting up a HF station. Veteran HF operators and new hams will enjoy having this book on their bookshelf.

This book is filled with practical knowledge such as:

How to choose an antenna. Technical advantages and disadvantages of several types of antenna, as well as antennas you can build yourself.
How to choose a radio. Get the most for your money by knowing which features you need, versus the features that are just nice to have.
Evaluate station accessories. From computers and amplifiers, to mics, keys, and more. Learn which accessories will add the most enjoyment and convenience to your operating.
Ensure efficiency and safety. Learn how to supply proper power to your equipment, and how to keep lightning away from your gear.

176 Pages, with numerous graphs, charts and illustrations.
Published by the ARRL. First Edition / Fourth Printing (2014-2021)

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