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B9913F7-500 Belden 9913-F7 500 FT

B9913F7-500 Belden 9913-F7 500 FT

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500 Feet of Belden 9913F7. Belden 9913F7 is a low loss cable with attenuation equal to very respected (and expensive) LMR-400 Ultra Flex. This cable has excellent flexibility and Hybrid Belden Belflex jacket will provide years of service - even in the most demanding UV environments. Don't confuse this cable with "old school" Belden 9913 with the hollow, more difficult to work with, dielectric. This newer, F7 version of Belden 9913, has eliminated the water displcement center conductor migration issues that plagued the original 9913. 1.96 db per FOOT0meters @ FOOT MHz.

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