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ASSY-BFLEX-25 Buryflex - 25 FT Assembled Cable w/PL259 Connectors

ASSY-BFLEX-25 Buryflex - 25 FT Assembled Cable w/PL259 Connectors

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Our Bury-Flex (TM) Cable Assemblies are fabricated with the authentic Davis RF Bury-Flex (TM) . In addition we use a PL259 Connector: Silver Plated Brass / Teflon UHF Male CONNECTORS INSTALLED on each end of the coax.
All the connections are soldered. These components provide a very low loss to your system.

About BuryFlex:

Bury-FLEX™ is Low-Loss Flexible 50 Ohm coax designed for use from HF through UHF bands. Bury-FLEX™ is flexible enough to be used on rotator loops, yet durable enough to stand up to the harshest of environments and is ideal for direct burial applications.

By combining a gas-injected foamed dielectric with a dual foil and braid shield construction, BURY-FLEX™ provides the electrical and performance characteristics found in the more expensive 400-series coaxes as well as typical air dielectric type cables.

The Polyethylene (PE) jacket is durable enough for Direct Burial, yet flexible enough to be used for Rotator Loops. The PE jacket also provides improved UV resistance compared to typical PVC jackets, significantly extending the life of your cable.

All coax assemblies manufactured by Amateur Radio Supplies are built according to the highest standards: High Voltage Tested, Heat Shrinked Connectors. Made in the United States.  Our assemblies are used by NASA, the U.S. Military and Amateur Operators across the world.

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