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ARS-99500 10" Inch Strain Relief - SMA Female to UHF Female

ARS-99500 10" Inch Strain Relief - SMA Female to UHF Female

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In response to customer requests, we now have available strain-relief cables for use on the new Chinese-made HT's that have type SMA male (recessed) antenna connectors. These connectors look much like an SMA reverse-polarity type because they are recessed, but they are not, and these cables are PERFECT for use with these new HT's.

(The following model numbers of Wouxun and Quansheng radios will accept the SMA female in the top of the radio)

Baofeng UV-5R

Wouxun KG-689E Quansheng TG-32B Quansheng TG-5A Quansheng TG-B53
Wouxun KG-UVD1 Quansheng TG-368/368s Quansheng TG-91A Quansheng K4AT
Wouxun KG-UVD1P Quansheng TG-42AT Quansheng TG-92A Quansheng TG-UV
Wouxun 699E Quansheng TG-45AT Quansheng TG-93A Quansheng TG-UV2
Wouxun KG-801 Quansheng TG-46AT Quansheng TG-A380 Quansheng TGK4AT

SMA female / UHF female with 10 inches of RG-174 coax 50 ohms, highest quality! These strain-relief cables are designed to prevent damage to the antenna connectors of handie talkies when connecting to external antennas with stiff coax such as RG-8.Without these cables, it is likely that the stiff coax will destroy the connector on your handie talkie, causing expensive damage! Our strain relief cables are of highest quality, and use RG-174 super-flexible coax, with 50 ohms impedance. Available in both 10 inch and 36 inch lengths. (Order with appropriate stock number for length desired.)

(The 839-CBL-10's UHF female connector can be mounted on a panel up to .25 inches thick and still be capable of accepting a PL-259 connector, shown below with one optional large panel nut (part #i518NUT) for standard UHF female threads and one protective cap for UHF female. Note that our protective cap (part # i510) will also fit N female and microphone jack connectors

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