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ARS-2M-JPOLE 2 Meter-440 Aluminum J-Pole

ARS-2M-JPOLE 2 Meter-440 Aluminum J-Pole

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This dual band antenna is the perfect selection for the VHF/UHF enthusiast looking for strong, omni-directional performance. This antenna can handle 1KW PEP and is built, here in the United States, from rugged components and solid aluminum. This durable antenna will provide years of trouble free service. Additionally, the J-pole has great bandwith, requires no radials and will give you the added punch you need to work simplex, local repeaters, distant repeaters and conduct emergency communications, net operations or simply rag chewing with an improved signal on both 2m and 440. This antenna has nearly 3db of gain and will easily out perform (and out last) most ground plane antennas.

This antenna is easy assemble and mount to any support or mast. It comes with an easy to use mast-mount or simply use the pre-drilled holes for the mast mount to put this antenna up anywhere.

Made in the United States

Testimonials: "This antenna has stood the test of time here in New England. It's survived wind, ice and snow. I have it mounted a few feet above the ground and it gives me excellent coverage across metro Boston. After trying to build a few J-Poles and get them tuned "just right" - I finally went with this antenna. It can handle high power and is clearly well constructed." - Jeff, N1SNB "
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