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ARS-11498 J-pole Kit for 2 Meter & 440

ARS-11498 J-pole Kit for 2 Meter & 440

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Amateur Radio Supplies supplies these high quality J-Pole kits from components all built and sourced in the United States.

The J-Pole is 52" Long and features the following:

  • 2 db of gain on 2 meters; 1 db on 440
  • Includes 8 feet of flexible,high quality RG8X coax, 7 feet of 300 OHM ladderline, 1 foot of RG 303, and instructions
  • Coax termination includes male PL-259 connector (convert to BNC with optional adapter)
  • Convert to SMA with Adapter
  • Easy conversion to work with Chinese HTs SMA connector using strain relief cable and optional BNC adapter
  • Can handle up to 50w output
  • Fully weatherized and UV resistant
  • Strong electrical connections
  • 300 ohm 18 AWG stranded copperweld twin lead wire (Black Polyethylene)
  • SWR < 1.5:1 across entire band - cut to center of bands
  • Easy to install anywhere
  • Can be used as a base antenna, portable antenna or great em-com or event antenna!
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