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ARS-11318 15 Meter Delta Loop Kit

ARS-11318 15 Meter Delta Loop Kit

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This Delta Loop kit is meant to give you significantly better performance (and broadband performance) over your dipole antenna. Depending on how you choose to configure your antenna, you may get excellent low angle radiation, high angle radiation or some mix of the two. The kit itself is easy to build (2 page instruction guide) and can easily be hung from as little as one modestly support.

Each Delta Loop Kit Includes:
  • Wire for Full Wavelength Delta Loop
  • Insulators (x3) Rated for Full Legal Limit and Years of Reliable Service
  • 4:1 W2AU Balun. These baluns are high quality, American-made. Full Legal Limit
  • Instructions for Construction of 5 Different Delta Loop Variations

What You Will Need to Provide:
  1. A single, tall support (or two depending on selected configuration). See our design page for minimum heights.
  2. Coax to feed the antenna. See our selection of Coax.
  3. Rope.
  4. Some solder, elbow grease and about an hour to cut and construct per our instructions.

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