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ARS-11200 OCF/Windom for 6 Meter-40 Meter WIN40

ARS-11200 OCF/Windom for 6 Meter-40 Meter WIN40

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This is one of the most rugged and dependable OCF/Windom antennas on the market today. It will provide years and years of great service and great contacts. This style Windom has a 4:1 balun and is rated for 1500 W. This antenna will resonate on 6,10, 20 & 40m.. Operation on 12,15,17,30 & 60m will be tuner dependent. The internal tuner in most modern rigs will be more than enough to tune this antenna.

This antenna is 66' long - 22' on one side; 44' on the other.

Built with real, high-grade insulated copper wire (not steel wire that is copper clad or bare copper wire) this antenna will not corrode as quickly as its counterparts that are cheaper and exposed to the elements. The wire used is black jacketed #14 gauge stranded copper wire. The center insulator and end insulators are high-quality PVC and are UV stable.

Windom-OCF Multi-Band Dipole Antenna Benefits:
  • Industry Leading Design
  • No Exposed Bare Wire
  • No Weak Mechanical Connections
  • No Corrosion!
Windom-OCF Multi-Band Dipole Antenna Features:
  • Stainless SO-239
  • Rated for 1500 W
  • Meets National Electrical Code for Permanent Residential Installation
  • Includes 4:1 Balun
  • High Quality, Easy to Conceal Black Jacketed #14 Stranded Copper Wire

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