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ARS-11003 ZS6BKW G5RV ZS80

ARS-11003 ZS6BKW G5RV ZS80

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The Ultimate ZS6BKW G5RV - Simply the Best!

  • All Band Performance 80m-6m; Tuner Required
  • Rated to Full Legal Limit 2KW
  • Rugged Weather Proofed Internal Solder Joints
  • Machine Crimping
  • Silver Plated w/Teflon SO-239 Connector
  • SO-239 Stainless Screws
  • Quality 450 Ohm Ladder Line
  • 100% UV Stable Components
  • High Quality PVC Dogbone Insulators
End-to-end this antenna is 92' feet long. The ladder line drop is 40' in length.

This antenna is built to last and provide years of rugged service. Every component, with the exception of the SO-239 connector, is built in the United States.

Simply put, from a performance perspective, the ZS6BKW G5RV antenna is top notch. Easy to tune, forgiving an a true performer. This enjoy will provide years of reliable service and great contacts.

This antenna is ready to hang and be put to use. Typically, the internal antenna tuning unit on your transceiver will be more than enough to tune this antenna. Otherwise, a basic antenna tuner will work just fine. In ideal circumstances this 92 ft long antenna should be placed at height of around 40 feet - however, few hams have ideal circumstances and this antenna can still be a solid performer at much lower heights or in an inverted-V formation.

We have many customers that have used this customer indoors with great success. Every station's circumstance is unique when it comes to local noise indoor (and outdoor) - thus, it is impossible to say with certainty what the exact performance will be like for each individual user.



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