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adapterkit RF Adapter Kit for Ham Radio Operators

adapterkit RF Adapter Kit for Ham Radio Operators

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Amateur Radio Supplies is pleased to offer this 12 Piece RF Adapter Kit for easy interconnections between common ham, scanner, commercial equipment and antennas. Nothing can be more frustrating than not having the adapters you need in emergency, public service, Field Day and regular everyday around the shack scenarios. You won't want to leave home without adapters you need to connect the coax, radios and accessories you might need to access in any given situation.

We've hand chosen these adapters for you based on real sales volume compiled in the U.S. These adapters are the ones your ham peers are buying the most of each and every day.

The box itself is a durable plastic transparent box measuring 13-1/8" L x 9"W x 2 - 5/16" H. The retail value of this set is $79.99. We are pleased to offer it to you for just $64.99.

Our Adapter Kit includes the 12 most common adapters in use by Hams, including:

  • UHF Female to UHF Female (x2)- The most common adapter for connecting two lengths of coax
  • SMA Female to UHF Female - Common adapter for Chinese HTs, WiFi Networks, Etc.
  • SMA Male to UHF Female - One of the most common adapters bought by hams in the United States
  • SMA Female to SMA Female - Versatile connector for use with modern handhelds/
  • SMA Male to BNC Female - Many mobile antennas use BNC male connectors
  • SMA Female to BNC Female - BNC is widely used by legacy VHF/UHF systems
  • UHF Right Angle Male to Female - Great for reducing stress on antenna jacks caused by heavy coax types
  • UHF Male to UHF Male - Versatile adapter for use around the shack
  • BNC Male to UHF Female - Very popular for many interconnections between VHF/HF & Antennas
  • UHF Male to N Female - Many VHF/UHF enthusiasts use N connectors on their coax, many commercial antenna systems use N connectors as well
  • UHF Female to N Male - Many commercial radios have N Female Jacks
  • UHF Male to F Female - F Male connectors are becoming popular with multiband mobile antennas

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