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ARS-8019 Multiband Dipole for 40 - 10m with 450 Ohm Ladder Line

ARS-8019 Multiband Dipole for 40 - 10m with 450 Ohm Ladder Line

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Amateur Radio Supplies offers this multi-band dipole available in two different versions. For all bands from 80-10 meters (approx. 134 ft long).Or, shorter version for 40-10 meters (approx. 67 ft long). Each antenna is fully assembled and comes with 100 feet of ladder line. We used hard drawn No. 14 copper for the wire element. The center support is the rugged built Ladder-Loc . The Ladder-Loc® is a patented strain-relief and mounting support for 450-ohm ladder-line. It is UV-stabilized and has a proven field record of durability. The Ladder Line is high quality #16, 19 stranded copper-clad steel. This flexible ladder line can handle 1500w. Generally, this antenna is mounted as a flat top, but also it is likewise very effective when configured as an inverted v�. This antenna will work amazingly well at low heights as well. Generally, the ladder line is run to a wide band antenna tuner in one's operation room that will accept a balanced line. Alternatively, a remote balun/transition mounted outside at the entry point to the station with a short run of coax can be used. We have two recommended transition baluns, as options if your tuner or rig does not accept balanced line: W2AU 4:1 Coax Transition Balun LDG 4:1 Remote Balun

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